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DUDE-aTOMic! – What Planet R U From? (2011)

Genre – Electronic / Pop

Songwriting – Very original

Production – Their strongest sounding yet,  fully using todays’ tricks and sounds

Overall Performance – DUDE-aTOMic’s fifth album consists of a major throwback to the 90’s mixed in with todays production techniques.  Unlike his groundbreaking album “The Sound Of The Future” that literally takes you on a trip to another galaxy, this album is filled with radio friendly catchy songs that with the right mixes could dominate the clubs.  Some songs like “Crazy Love Thing” and “Hypnotic Voodoo” are club ready all on their own.

DUDE isn’t and doesn’t try to be  a vocal powerhouse, and that is what makes him special.  He uses the vocal tricks in just the right way to make listening to a DUDE album a wonderful experience and not just another pop wannabe listen.

Stand Out Tracks – “Precious Gem”, “R Saturday Nite”, “Crazy Love Thing”, “What Planet R U From” and “Jungle Of Love”

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Final Grade – A-

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