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American Idol Season 13 – AND THE WINNER IS….

American Idol


and the winner is………



American Idol Season 13 Top 2 – Producers Choice and Judges Choice, Finale Song

American Idol


Unfortunately I was unable to see the entire show but I did see every performance.  For me Jena won the night, but Caleb did amazing as well…

And now, from best to worst….


Jena IreneTitle: “Can’t Help Falling In Love”
Artist Version: Elvis Presley
Contestant: Jena Irene


Grade = A+  I absolutely love the way she does this song and again, it was flawless.


Caleb JohnsonTitle: “Dream On”
Artist Version: Aerosmith
Contestant: Caleb Johnson

Grade = A+  This has to be the best this song has ever been song on AI.  He hit every note the way it was meant to be.  Great job Caleb!


Caleb JohnsonTitle: “Maybe I’m Amazed”
Artist Version: Paul McCartney
Contestant: Caleb Johnson

Grade = A-  Again Caleb did great with this.  I would really love a studio version of this.


Jena IreneTitle: “Dog Days Are Over”
Artist Version: Florence and the Machine
Contestant: Jena Irene

Grade = B+  Never been a big fan of this song but Jena did it justice.  I love this girl’s energy!


Jena IreneTitle: “We Are One”
Artist Version: Jena Irene

Grade = B+  For being a new song and not much time to rehearse, she did very well.  I really like the melody of it.


Caleb JohnsonTitle: “As Long As You Love Me”
Artist Version: Caleb Johnson

Grade = C-  Poor Caleb, either he doesn’t like the song given to him or he couldn’t remember how the song was to be… or probably both, he choked on this.  But Caleb, we forgive you…


Group Number:

Title: “Breakaway”
Artist Version: Kelly Clarkson
Contestant: Top 13

Grade = F  Bad…just very bad…

American Idol Season 13 Top 3 – Randy’s choice, Judges choice, Hometown’s favorite choice

American Idol

Tonight had some mixed performances but as usual, the 3rd performance of each contestant blew everyone away…  although Alex’s rendition of Rihanna’s Stay was by far one of his best….  I am picking JENA for the win next week….






Alex PrestonALEX PRESTON – STAY – RIHANNA – This was a perfect song choice and this was great. He totally made this his own and sounded great doing it!  GRACE = A



Caleb JohnsonCALEB JOHNSON – DAZED AND CONFUSED – LED ZEPPELIN – Well he really rocked this one like he did the last time. This was actually almost perfect!  GRADE = A



Alex Preston





Caleb JohnsonCALEB JOHNSON – NEVER TEAR US APART – INXS – Being under the weather or not he did very good. What a perfect song for him. GRADE = A-



Jena Irene

JENA IRENE – TITANIUM – DAVID GUETTA – Jena killed the high notes but the judges were right that it started a little slow and low. GRADE = B



Alex Preston

ALEX PRESTON – POMPEII – BASTILLE – Alex did ok with this. He wasn’t totally perfect with this and definitely needed more practice but he did quite well. GRADE = B



Caleb Johnson

CALEB JOHNSON – DEMONS – IMAGINE DRAGONS – I feel for Caleb because this was a bit painful to watch. GRADE = B



Jena Irene

JENA IRENE – HEART ATTACK – DEMI LOVATO – I personally think this was a bad song for her. Too many words and I had a lot of trouble understanding her. GRADE =  B



I believe the FINALE will be

Caleb Johnson  Jena Irene

American Idol Season 30 Top 4 : Songs of Break Ups and Make Ups


American Idol


What a great night as the singers sang THREE songs each…  The best of the night however came with the last song each of the singers sang.  Especially Jena Irene who probably sang the Best performance on Idol in many seasons if not ever…  This was a night to remember!  Who will be going home?  Chances are it will be Jessica (But I hope not…)…

Here are my reviews from best to worst:

Jena Irene





Caleb Johnson

CALEB JOHNSON – MAYBE IM AMAZED – PAUL McCARTNEY – Now this was his best performance of the season. He nailed it. GRADE = A+



Jena Irene

JENA IRENE – HEARTBREAKER – PAT BENATAR – Talk about a perfect song for Jena. She nailed this. Her vocals were spot on. GRADE = A



Jessica Meuse

JESSICA MEUSE – YOU AND I – LADY GAGA – Jessica nailed it. This was indeed the perfect song for her. LOVED it!!!  GRADE = A



Alex PrestonALEX PRESTON – TOO CLOSE – ALEX CLAIRE – Alex really made this his own. He sang this so delicately and convincingly. Great job!  GRADE = A



Alex PrestonALEX PRESTON – YELLOW – COLDPLAY – Alex has had a decent night but this was his best of the night. GRADE = A-




Jessica Meuse

JESSICA MEUSE – SO WHAT – PINK! – Jessica brought the attitude and not the guitar finally. I think the judges are way too hard on her as she actually performed it. GRADE = A-



Alex Preston

ALEX PRESTON – IM YOURS – JASON MRAZ – A very fitting song for Alex and no real reason to change it too much. A very pleasant performance. GRADE = B+



Caleb Johnson

CALEB JOHNSON – YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME – BON JOVI – Caleb started the night well and rocking but didn’t do much of anything else with the song. This was good. GRADE = B+



Caleb Johnson

CALEB JOHNSON – TRAVELING BAND – CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL – CALEB is once again doing what he does best, rock. This was ho hum for me..  Nothing special. GRADE = B+



Jena Irene

JENA IRENE – BAD ROMANCE – LADY GAGA – I am not sure this is the best song for Jena but she sang it well. GRADE = B



Jessica Meuse

JESSICA MEUSE – SINCE U BEEN GONE – KELLY CLARKSON – I hate when my favorite singer picks the wrong song and this was it. Jessica should have made this a slow acoustic jam. GRADE = C+











American Idol Season 13 Top 5 – AMERICA’S CHOICE!

American Idol


Tonight was just awesome.  Jessica really stepped up to the plate and delivered her best night of the whole competition, while Sam didn’t seem to really be in it.  I am pretty sure Sam will be going home tomorrow.  Caleb, Jena and Alex all had awesome nights…

The biggest issue I am having is that only 1/2 of the performances are available for download.  WAKE UP PRODUCERS!!!!!!!

And now for the reviews:


JESSICA MEUSE – SUMMERTIME SADNESS (LANA DEL RAY) – I absolutely loved how she didn’t have the guitar and really sang the song way better than the original. FOR ME THIS WAS PERFECT!!!!  GRADE = A+




CALEB JOHNSON – STILL OF THE NIGHT (WHITESNAKE) – Hello 80’s!!!!  I don’t like the song but he nailed it as usual. That is his cup of tea. GRADE = A


JESSICA MEUSE – HUMAN (CHRISTINA PERRY) – This was such a great vocal performance from her. She really got the emotional connection right. GRADE = A


ALEX PRESTON – SWEATER WEATHER (THE NEIGHBORHOOD) – I feel Alex stepped it up a bit this week with an upbeat song. I liked this a lot. His vocals were great. I could hear him doing this for his album. GRADE = A-


JENA IRENE – VALERIE (AMY WINEHOUSE) – This girl knows how to perform. JENA owned the stage on this. She sounded great also. GRADE = B+


CALEB JOHNSON – I DONT WANT TO MISS A THING (AEROSMITH) – I think Caleb sang this song very well but I don’t feel he connected with the song and the audience. GRADE = B


JENA IRENE – MY BODY (YOUNG THE GIANT) – I am not too familiar with the song but she sounded very good. GRADE = B


SAM WOOLF – HOW TO SAVE A LIFE (THE FRAY) – This started out a bit shakes as the judges said but it did better as it went on.  GRADE = B


SAM WOOLF – SING (ED SHEREEN) – Sam kinda lost it on this one for me. I’m sure it was better live than what came through on the tv. GRADE = C






ALEX JENA SAM – THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (AMERICAN AUTHORS) – These three have a cute chemistry. This was good. GRADE = B


JESSICA CALEB – BEAST OF BURDEN (ROLLING STONES) – This was a fun performance. They seemed connected with each other and they sounded great. GRADE = B+




American Idol Season 13 Top 6 – ROCK N ROLL & COUNTRY


American Idol

Another great night of solid performances from most of the contestants.  I am pretty sure CJ will be going home as he continues to struggle with being in tune and picking the right songs…. Jena is looking like the winner more and more but my favorite continues to be Jessica.  I feel she won the night!



Jena Irene – BARRACUDA (Heart) – Jena really rocked it. This girl has really punched herself as a front runner in the contest.  This was great. GRADE = A

Jena Irene – SO SMALL (Carrie Underwood) – Jena had a rare misstep with this song. She sang it without the melody and it was hard to follow. That said her voice sounded great. GRADE = C



Sam Woolf – ITS TIME (Imagine Dragons) – Sam sounded confident and convincing with this. The first chorus was just a little weak but he corrected it throughout the performance. GRADE = B+

Sam Woolf – YOU’RE STILL THE ONE (Shania Twain) Sam sang this so smoothly and almost too perfectly like Harry said. He seemed a bit stiff at times but this was pretty good. GRADE = A-



CJ Harris – AMERICAN WOMAN (Guess Who) – CJ started out shaky but it got better as it went on. He didn’t look comfortable on stage though. GRADE = C+

CJ Harris – WHATEVER IT IS  (Zac Brown Band) – CJ kinda lost me in this. I was a bit bored. Not a good song choice and was very blah. GRADE = C



Alex Preston – ANIMAL (Neon Trees) – This has to be Alex’s weakest performance to date.  That said I loved him showing this side. GRADE = B

Alex Preston – ALWAYS ON MY MIND (Willie Nelson) – Alex couldn’t have done better with this song. He sang this so tenderly and believable. GRADE = A



Caleb Johnson – STING ME (Black Crowes) –  Wow. What can I say?  You don’t have to like hard rock to appreciate this guy. GRADE = A

Caleb Johnson – UNDO IT (Carrie Underwood) – A very surprising song choice but of course he pulled it off. He sang this very well. GRADE = A



Jessica Meuse – SOMEBODY TO LOVE (Jefferson Airplane) – I just love love love Jessica’s voice.  Once she learns how to use her eyes when she sings she will have performing down pat. GRADE = A

Jessica Meuse – JOLENE (Dolly Parton) – Vocally she was perfect but she still had that deer in the headlights look in her eyes. Overall this was very good!  GRADE = A

American Idol Season 13 Top 7 – Their Competitor’s Choice

American Idol



OVERALL – The song choices, although different, were a little odd, but I like the theme’s idea.  Decent night of performances and one kinda bad threesome….




Jena Irene – CREEP – RADIOHEAD – Jena rocked this song tonight.  She sounded absolutely brilliant and was by far the best performance of the night.  This was flawless. GRADE = A



Sam Woolf – SAIL AWAY – DAVID GRAY – Mr Shy is becoming more comfortable on stage and it showed big time tonight.  His voice was clear as a bell and he really connected with the song.  Bravo kid!  GRADE = A-



Caleb Johnson – FAMILY TREE – KINGS OF LEON – This is a very good fit for Caleb and he sings it very well.  As a performer and singer this kid has it all…  How marketable is he at this point?  Not sure because I don’t really see his stuff getting downloaded much on i-Tunes so I am unsure… GRADE = B



Jessica Meuse – GUNPOWDER AND LEAD – MIRANDA LAMBERT – As usual Jessica sounded awesome and can really sing anything from Country to Rock to ballads.  Her problem for me tonight which is more obvious now because she nails her vocals, is her stiffness on stage and not being “in” the song and feeling it.  She may feel it but it doesn’t show.  This girl can WIN if she just expresses herself better in her face and body talk.  GRADE = B



Alex Preston – THE “A” TEAM – ED SHAREEN – A rather obvious choice of song picked for Alex but he did what he does best… Makes a song his own.  Vocals were great, but the arrangement we have heard before from him.  GRADE = B



CJ Harris – GRAVITY – JOHN MAYER – For one of the first times CJ sang the entire song in tune!  The bad thing for him, this was snoozeville for me…  Good vocals and he always feels the songs he sings but this was boring for me.  GRADE = B- (only for the vocal performance)



Dexter – MUCKALEE CREEK WATER – LUKE BRYAN – Dexter has such a country voice, I would love to hear him really change it up.  He nails every country song he sings but it always sounds so close to the original that I am wonderfing if there is anything original about him…  Come on Dexter, countryfi a NON country song.    GRADE = B-




SAM & ALEX – LET HER GO (PASSENGER) – I really liked this version of the song.  Their vocals blended perfectly.  The judges didn’t like it, but I sure did.  GRADE = A-


CALEB & IRENE – GIMME SHELTER (THE ROLLING STONES) – This was an OK performance, they didn’t blend together like one would think… I just remember how much I don’t like this song….  GRADE = C


JESSICA, CJ AND DEXTER – COMPASS (LADY ANTEBELLUM) – Jessica sounded awesome as usual, Dexter was good, CJ was a bit out of tune and there was NO chemistry.  They all were very stiff in the performance.  GRADE = C-


Going home?  It’s either CJ or Dexter…  My Guess?  CJ….

American Idol Season 13 Top 8 – The 80’s

American Idol

What a great night!  80’s makes such a great theme and a great opportunity for young artists to make some well known songs their own.  Caleb and Sam had the best performances while Malaya stays at the bottom for me after she screeched her way through a tender Chaka Kahn song…  Everyone else did pretty well….  and the Duets were awesome.  I wish they would release studio versions of them!!!!!

Caleb Johnson – FAITHFULLY (JOURNEY) – Absolutely flawless. GRADE = A

Sam Wolff – TIME AFTER TIME (CYNDI LAUPER) – This was the best he has sounded all season.  He seemed like he really connected with the song. Awesome job!  GRADE = A

Alex Preston – EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE (THE POLICE) – It took me a bit to figure out where Alex was going with this but I actually found myself liking it. It certainly is one of the most original takes on any song I have heard. GRADE = A-

Jena Irene – I LOVE ROCK N ROLL (JOAN JETT) –  I like what she did with the song. Jena sounds pretty good but the beginning was a little difficult to hear her. I do like her confidence she shows on stage. GRADE = B+

Jessica Meuse – CALL ME (BLONDIE) – I was hoping Jessica would bring a bit of rock to the song but she didn’t. She sounded good but I was hoping for a little bit more. GRADE = B

CJ Harris – FREE FALLIN’ (TOM PETTY) – The performance started out a bit slow and choppy and out of tune. CJ really struggles in his lower register.  GRADE = B

Dexter Roberts – KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF (GEORGIA SATELLITES) – This is the perfect song for Dexter. That said, he really isn’t doing much to it and he does need to sing more clearly!  GRADE = B

Malaya Watson – THROUGH THE FIRE (CHAKA KAHN) – I’m sorry but this sounded screechy and over dramatic. I did not like this. GRADE = D



DUET – Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson – ITS ONLY LOVE (BRYAN ADAMS & TINA TURNER) –  This was perfect!  GRADE = A

DUET – Jessica Meuse & Dexter Roberts – ISLANDS IN THE STREAM (DOLLY PARTON & KENNY ROGERS) – Their voices blend beautifully. Great duet!  GRADE = A

DUET – Sam Wolff & Alex Preston – THE GIRL IS MINE – their voices blend very nicely!  Good performance!  GRADE = B+

DUET – Malaya Watson & CJ Harris – KNEW YOU WERE WAITING (ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL) – CJ was great but Malaya was trying way too hard especially with her facial expressions. GRADE = B

Since there was the save last week, I figure we will be losing TWO on the results show…

I have a feeling it will be….

 and  but I think  will be in the bottom 3….

We’ll see….



American Idol



OVERALL – The BEST performance night yet this season.  For the first time, the contestants could perform an original song for the competition if that is what they sang in their first audition.  This night was full of talent!

Jessica – BLUE EYED LIE – This original song proves what a great song writer Jessica is. She sang this with such conviction.  The only what seemed to be flub was the uncomfortable silence of vocals at the very end of the song.  Harry called that perfectly… GRADE = A

Alex – FAIRYTALES – This original song shows what type of artist Alex will be, and I am thankful he is in this competition.  Alex sang this with heart and soul.  GRADE = A

Jena – ROLLING IN THE DEEP (ADELE) – Jena completely changed the arrangement of the song giving it more of a rock vibe which actually works and her voice is spot on for this. GRADE = A-

Dexter – ONE MISSISSIPPI (BRETT ELDREDGE) – Another moment for Dexter.  This was sung so beautifully.  Flawless and very heartfelt.  GRADE = A

Sam – LEGO HOUSE (ED SHEREEN) – Mr. Shy’s vocals are clearly getting better but he still seems very stiff on stage.  I don’t know if it is just the way his mouth moves or what.  That said, he sounded great.  GRADE = B+

Caleb – CHAIN OF FOOLS (ARETHA FRANKLIN) – I totally forgot he sang this song for his first audition.  Caleb brought some blues with him tonight and it worked OK.  He sang well, just wasn’t the best arrangement. GRADE = B+

CJ – SOUL SHINE (ALLMAN BROTHERS) – I think this is the first time CJ didn’t slip out of tune during his live performance.  I’m not a fan of the song, but he sang this VERY well!  GRADE = B+

Malaya – AIN’T NO WAY (ARETHA FRANKLIN) – I feel really bad in saying I just don’t get what the judges see in her.  Malaya still sounds so screechy in her higher register.  GRADE = C



CJ & DEXTER – ALRIGHT (DARIUS RUCKER) – All this duet showed was that Dexter has a more powerful voice than CJ…  This song is just “Alright” for me…  GRADE = C


JESSICA & CALEB – STOP DRAGGING MY HEART AROUND (STEVIE NICKS & TOM PETTY) – The chemistry was oozing in this performance…  Great pairing.  LOVED it!  GRADE = A


JENA & ALEX – JUST GIVE ME A REASON (P!NK & NATE REUSS) – They sound absolutely beautiful together.  Awesome!  GRADE = A


MALAYA & SAM – LUCKY (COLBIE CAILET & JASON MRAZ) – There really wasn’t anything good about this.  They both sounded rather weak and unconvincing.  GRADE = D


Who I think will be in the bottom 3:

Malaya                                                                                         CJ                                                                              Sam


I think Malaya SHOULD home, but I think CJ WILL go home…