Kelly Clarkson’s Star Spangled Banner & Madonna’s Superbowl Half Time Show Medley

And so it came and went, another Super Bowl along with another rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and another half time show.

Let’s start with Kelly Clarkson.  This woman has to be one of the most classiest women in Pop music.  Kelly doesn’t need anything other than her voice.  She doesn’t dance, wear flashy clothes or do any desperate actions to get attention.  Kelly just sings.  That’s all she needs and she proved herself (as if she has anything to prove) tonight by singing The Star Spangled Banner the way it should be.  With respect.  This performance reminds me of Whitney Houston’s flawless and classy performance of the song back in 1991.  Grade = A+

Now for Madonna.  Madonna was given about 7 minutes to show why she is still relevant.  One can’t help but respect Madonna for being able to reinvent herself as she has done for the past 30 years.  She was certainly under a lot of pressure to put on a show for 7 minutes that keeps up the momentum of such a big game as the Super Bowl.  In my opinion, she didn’t disappoint at all.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

1)  Vogue – This is the song she will always be remembered for, her “theme song” if you will and what a perfect song to start it off with.  She definitely was singing this one live.

2)  Music – The dancing in this song on bleachers no less, was breathtaking and at times I was so afraid one of the dancers was going to wind up with his feet through his head.  And the tight rope dancer?  WHAT???  Unbelievable.  She did slip once, but being the professional she is, she covered it and didn’t miss a beat.  I do think, however, she was lip syncing this one…

3)  Give Me All Your Luvin’ – There are a lot of haters with her new single but I really like this song because it reminds me of the 80’s Madonna and shows she is proud of what made her famous to begin with.  I could definitely do without Minaj and MIA.  MIA’s finger gesture to a camera man was totally unnecessary and not cool.  She (MIA) proved she doesn’t belong involved in  a class act such as Madonna.  All of a sudden we saw LMFAO and I liked it when Madonna started singing “Sexy And I Know It”…  I also feel Madonna was lip syncing this one as well…

4)  Like A Prayer –  Now comes what has to be Madonna’s coolest song ever, and then CEE LO GREEN and a ton of church singers come up on stage and “Like A Prayer” is brought to life.  At first I didn’t understand why CEE LO was even there but it all came together.  This she certainly sang live, and the end where she just dropped out of sight?  Pure awesomeness.

Grade for the Queen of Pop = A



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