Single Review – Give Me All Your Luvin’ – Madonna











Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin’

Genre – Pop

Songwriting – Simple, nothing groundbreaking

Overall Performance –

Ok, so the haters are already voicing their opinion about this long awaited track from Madonna, which is to be expected.  The ground that the M covers in her new single is certainly not new, but given her dip into hip hop from her last album, I am personally glad to see she went back to the catchy bouncy pop that made her famous.

Madonna seems to be the smartest business woman by reinventing herself over the last (gulp) 30 years, so it’s ok for her to go back to her roots from time to time.  No one can ever accuse Madonna of being a copy cat, well maybe of herself.  But what’s wrong with that?

As far as the rap by MIA and Minaj, I normally loathe any artist that doesn’t need such useless attention grabbing props.   BUT in this instance the rap break is so short and forgettable, it’s like it’s not even there.

I can’t wait for her album!

Final Grade – A-

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